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In the new exhibition season the Pushkinskaya-10 art center will tell about the most significant places, events, time periods and people who left a trace in our souls.
Ivan Olasyuk's paintings presented by the Museum of Nonconformist Art will reflect images of the life process as if they were placed in a book.
The project of the Italian artists Patrizio Landolfi and Giampaolo Tomassetti will be presented in the Art-League Gallery. This project is dedicated to the mystery of the childhood as a period when a little person first meets the world.
"The Door" Gallery and Valentin Trusov will discover the secret of the proud soul of St. Petersburg.
In the “lampa studio” space, Ilya Ovsyannikov and Anna Hahalina will provoke to study the nature’s dark side.
In the galleries Navicula Artis and the New Academy of Fine Arts Museum there will be exhibitions in memory of Ivan Sotnikov featuring works of the artist and some portraits created by his admirers.


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