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Producer’s Center "STOP TIME"

7th floor, № 701
Tel. (812) 764-48-73 
Hours: Monday – Friday, from 11:00am to 7:00pm
“STOP TIME” has been a member of the “Free Culture” collective since 1990. It is one of the largest concert promotion organizations in St. Petersburg. Founded in 1991, “STOP TIME” (known as “Theater DDT” or “Our Theater” until 1998) needs no recommendation: in the 90s, it gained recognition and strengthened its reputation, successfully organizing a number of concerts by leading Russian rock groups such as DDT, Aquarium, Picnic, Chaif, Garik Sukachev & the Untouchables, Kalinov Bridge, Chizh & Company, and Vyacheslav Butusov, among others. The theater regularly organizes these musicians’ tours in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and abroad. In the summer of 1995, “STOP TIME” organized DDT’s 15th anniversary concert at the Petrovsky Stadium. 
“STOP TIME” is credited for many of Russia’s largest rock festivals in the last decade (among its achievements are concerts in June of 1996 at the Petrovsky Stadium with 25,000 spectators and June of 1997 at the Yubileyny Sports Complex with 19,000 spectators, and the 30 year anniversary celebration of Russian rock legends). In the last few years, the production center noticeably broadened its spectrum of activities. “STOP TIME” now regularly organizes large-scale events for children, performances by the the most popular teams from the TV show KVN, and presentations of work by young artists.  
The music production studio catalog at “STOP TIME” contains dozens of CDs and cassettes by various artists, from renowned rock stars to talented artists making their debut. 
“STOP TIME” includes its own advertising agency and agency devoted to the protection of intellectual property, which work with artists to make music and information accessible to a broader audience. 


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